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Stoney Point Fitness Challenge Club


Stoney Point New Year Resolution Challenge!!

What are the Stoney Point Fitness Challenge Clubs?  The fitness Challenge is a voluntary extracurricular program that promotes physical activity.  Each club is a reward level for points earned.

Who can Participate?  All students and Faculty are encouraged to participate.  Parents can help students keep track of their points.

How are points counted?   Thirty minutes or more of physical activity equals one point.  For example, one hour of basketball practice equals one point, or thirty minutes of rollerblading equals one point.  Other examples of activities are hiking, ice skating, or jumping rope.  The activity should elevate the participant’s heart rate for the entire activity time.  So you should not take a leisurely bike ride down the street and playing the Wii will not count toward points.  In school activities will not be counted toward activity points, sorry recess does not count.    

How should Points be recorded? Log sheets are available here.  The log sheets have blocks on them for the students to fill in their activity.  Dates should be written in for each activity.  Only one block may be filled in a day.   This is so students will get used to being active every day.  Parents should review each log sheet and sign off at the bottom of the sheet when it has been filled.  When the log sheet is filled and reviewed by a parent the student should turn in their sheet to Mr. Hall on a Thursday morning before class starts. 

Are there any rewards?  Do you mean besides feeling healthier, having more energy, and staying in or getting in great shape?   You bet.  Students will receive a shoe token every time they advance into a new club.  They will also sign their names to the poster of each club that they make!  Students who complete enough miles to be in the Macaw Club also earn a certificate presented at the end of the year!

Questions?   Please Email Mr. Hall, STPES Physical Education Teacher.

Here are the Clubs:

Cockatiel Club:
  Student has completed at least 10 miles of exercise!

Parakeet Club: 
Student has completed at least 20 miles of exercise!

Lorikeet Club:
  Student has completed 30 miles of exercise!

Pionus Parrot Club:
  Student has completed 40 miles of exercise!

African Grey
African Grey Club:  Student has completed 50 miles of exercise!


Hawkheaded Parrot Club: 
Student has completed 60 miles of exercise!


Large Cackatoo Club: 
Student has completed 70 miles of exercise!

Macaw Club: 
Student has completed 100 or more miles of exercise!


Published by Angela Frazier on December 12, 2012
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