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Kelly Arnold Kindergarten Teacher
Tracy August Kindergarten Teacher
Tamara Bullard Kindergarten Teacher
Heather Goetsch Kindergarten Teacher
Nicole O’Connor Kindergarten Teacher
Cathy Boykin Kindergarten Teacher
First Grade 
Elizabeth Persaud First Grade Teacher
Kaysi Johnson First Grade Teacher
Elizabeth Prusse First Grade Teacher
Deborah Lopes First Grade Teacher
Paula Burns First Grade Teacher
Felicia Brown First Grade Teacher
Daryl Ueland First Grade Teacher
Matthew Starr First Grade Teacher
Second Grade
Lisa Atwood Second Grade Teacher
LeeAnn Roush Second Grade Teacher
Jo Dee Gregory Second Grade Teacher
Victoria Edwards Second Grade Teacher
Ryan Castillo Second Grade Teacher
Stacy Moore Second Grade Teacher
Jamie Schuler Second Grade Teacher
Third Grade
Katie Adams-Garrison Third Grade Teacher
Katrina Hamilton Third Grade Teacher
Kaley Park Third Grade Teacher
Sherri Kennedy Third Grade Teacher
Alexandria Parsek Third Grade Teacher
Ashleigh Sledge Third Grade Teacher
Brooke Thayer Third Grade Teacher
Abigail Michalko Third Grade Teacher
Fourth Grade
Antoinette Cooreman Fourth Grade Teacher
Tanya Zeitler Fourth Grade Teacher
Teresa Rubio Fourth Grade Teacher
Sarah Robinson Fourth Grade Teacher
Ciara Williams Fourth Grade Teacher
Nicole Gray Fourth Grade Teacher
Adele Siragusa Fourth Grade Teacher
Fifth Grade
Margaret Karis Fifth Grade Teacher
Rebecca Freeman Fifth Grade Teacher
Lynette Larsen Fifth Grade Teacher
Susan Nazario Fifth Grade Teacher
Jean Pelezo Fifth Grade Teacher
Danielle Greene Fifth Grade Teacher
Brandi Stanley Fifth Grade Teacher
Karen Chick AIG Teacher
 Janet Baker AIG Teacher
Cornell Jones Art Teacher
Parisa Shanks Art Teacher
Daryl Gray Art Teacher
Ronita Miles-Veazy EC Teacher
Angela M. Jones EC Teacher
Liz Maughan EC Teacher
Susan Ward Guidance Counselor
Aliena Maples Guidance Counselor
Stephanie Bradford Literacy Coach
Janet Quant Media Coordinator
Elsa Grafals Media Coordinator
Karen Robinson Media Clerk
Lisa Packer Music Teacher
Breanna Bowers Music Teacher
Caitlen Edge PE Teacher
Charles Marrs PE Teacher
Holly Van Dyke Social Worker
Valerie Douglas Speech Pathologist
Renee Goodman K-2 Autistic Teacher
Haven Skinner 3-5 Autistic Teacher
Teacher Assistants
Nadine Roberts Teacher Assistant
Phillis Chavis Teacher Assistant
Cindy D’Amours Teacher Assistant
Martha Stevenson Teacher Assistant
Sonya McRae Teacher Assistant
Cynthia Nobles Teacher Assistant
Selene Norton Teacher Assistant
Danielle Joyner Teacher Assistant
Beth Britton Teacher Assistant
Sherquita Sessoms Teacher Assistant
Susan Gower Teacher Assistant
Angela Frazier Lab Assistant/Web Manager
Regina Cone EC AU Assistant
Cynthia Williams-James EC AU Assistant
Toyna Olivas EC AU Assistant
Billy Fonseth EC AU Assistant
Other Contact Information
Cafeteria 910-424-1297
Prime Time 910-424-8612


Published by Angela Frazier on October 23, 2017
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